WyShonda Elise


Hey Y'all :-)

I'm WyShonda, the curly haired chica behind the camera lens.   Aside from the obvious, I'm a sucker for big natural hair, diy furniture, a beautiful front porch, bright sunny (breezy) days, ghettoisms, family gatherings, vinyl(jazzy, soul) records & I love my music LOUD! :-)

My addictions are all things etsy and mountain rose herbs. 





Engagement, Seniors, Family, Bridal & Glamour

Whatever the occasion, we can customize a package for you. 


I am a natural light/outdoor photographer.  My style is simple, clean & colorful.  I adore candid moments!


Relax & Have FUN!!!


 I understand that most of you are camera shy.  I DO NOT expect you to be Tyra or Tyson Beckford.   Because I want you to feel comfortable, I encourage each of my clients to bring items that will make their session more comfortable.  Whatever you feel WILL ALWAYS project in your portraits.  With that in mind, relax...let's just have some fun! :-)